What is the benefit of using Google Doc Proxy [Beta]?

What is the downside of using Google Doc Proxy [Beta]?

Can I add/update Google Doc via Google Doc Proxy [Beta]?

What does Google Doc Proxy [Beta] store as cache?

  • List of Google Docs
  • Individual Google Doc exported with HTML

How can I cache content?

Google Doc Proxy [Beta] caches content and you can control how long individual content is going to be cached. However, it is good idea to store them within your website to reduce the execution time to display your website. And that is planned to be provided as requiring PHP knowledge and database knowledge.

When does cached content expire?

It depends on how the content is retrieved as you must specify when the cache is going to expire everytime you get the content via Google Doc Proxy [Beta].

I cannot see the newest document.

The document must be cached and it is going to expire when you are not expecting it to be expired.

I lost my "Client ID", "Client secret" or "Refresh Token".

Your "Client ID" and "Client secret" can be found at Google Console. If you lost your "Refresh Token", you can get the code again.

Is there a client program?

Google Doc Proxy [Beta] is plannning to provide client programs as Joomla extension, Drupal module and Wordpress plugin.

The client programs is planned to provide the following functionalities:

Support for other launguages like Ruby?

Not at the moment. However, the client side logic should be implemented easily if you read the PHP class ( View PHP code for Google Doc Proxy [Beta] ).

I appreciate if you provide one.

It does not work...

I'll have a look at your situation if you contact Hiro Nozu with your "Client ID", "Client secret" and "Refresh Token".

I have a question about Google Doc Proxy [Beta].

Please contact Hiro Nozu